Agrow Cube


Learn How to Run Agrow Cube

as a Business

Agrow Cube is designed to be treated as a small business, and each box requires between 20 and 25 hours per week.  Labor includes planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, harvesting crops, and light maintenance, and no labor time is lost to weeding, soil preparation, traditional fertilization, or regular pest control.  In addition, you will need to dedicate time to building your small business, and we recommend spending at least a few hours each week marketing your locally grown produce to schools, restaurants, and stores, as well as setting up direct sales at farmers' markets.

Planting Seeds


Seeds should be planted regularly.  This step requires preparing a tray with the rockwool cube at the seedling workstation, planting seeds in the rockwool cube, and filling the tray with water.  Each week, this should take no more than 2 hours.


Transplanting Seedlings


If seeds are being planted each week, after the first couple weeks, new seedlings should be ready to be transplanted into the grow spaces each week.  Seedlings, roots still in the rockwool cube, must be removed from the seedling tray and planted in available grow spaces, which involves carrying seedlings from the seedling workstation to the grow spaces and climbing a few steps to reach the highest level.  Each week, this should take no more than 6-8 hours.


Harvesting Crops


If seeds are planted and seedlings transplanted each week, starting approximately one month after the first seedlings are transplanted, plants should be ready to be harvested each week, though this will vary depending on the crop variety planted.


Harvesting will require either trimming a plant that will continue to grow in a grow space or removing the entire plant from the grow space, and involves climbing a ladder to reach the highest level.  (We recommend removing the entire plant during the harvest, because (a) plants are generally sold by weight, so harvesting the entire plant increases the worth of the harvest, (b) roots hold a little water, so keeping the roots intact will extend the shelf life, and (c) new seedlings grow faster than leaving the plant in the grow space for regrowth.)  Harvested produce will then need to be put into storage or packaged for distribution, depending on specific customer needs.  Each week, this should take no more than 6-8 hours.


Light Maintenance


While there is no need for weeding, pest control, soil preparation, or regular fertilization in an Agrow Cube, each week there will be some light general maintenance, which can include adding water to replace water lost to evaporation, refilling nutrient and pH balancing solutions, general cleaning, and calibrating sensors. Each week, this should take no more than 2 hours.



As with any business, you will need to dedicate some time each week to building customer relationships and marketing your product.  With Agrow Cube, you will be selling locally grown fresh produce year round to schools, markets, and restaurants, as well as directly to consumers either at farmers’ markets or on-site wherever you set up your Agrow Cube.