Too Cold to Grow? Not with Agrow Cube! Hydroponics Inside an Insulated Box

In our last post, we talked about several benefits of hydroponics. These benefits are increased when you combine a hydroponics system with technology to protect your plants for year round growing. Agrow Cube does just that: it combines vertical farming and hydroponics with a weather-proof insulated box that enables you to benefit from growing in a hydroponics system 365 days of the year.

365 days of the year? How is that possible?

Agrow Cube is a self-contained agricultural system; it is a hydroponics system inside an insulated box. Because the insulated box is designed to keep its internal temperature steady during extreme weather, it is possible to grow every day of the year.

The Insulated Box

Render of an Agrow Cube hydroponics vertical farming system.
Render of the Agrow Cube insulated box and interior hydroponics system.

Agrow Cube uses the same technology that we have perfected for industrial coolers that must be kept at -20 degrees F  internally in extreme 100+ degrees F heat. Each box is protected from outside weather by a dense polyextruded composite foam shaped to the exact size of each panel, which provides far better insulation than spray foam. The 4” thick insulated panels securely interlock using a double sealed gasket and latch system. Agrow Cube is designed to protect your plants from extreme weather, hot and cold temperatures, and storms.

To learn more about insulated walk-in coolers, visit Snowman Coolers.

The Hydroponics System Inside the Agrow Cube

Perfect temperature

Agrow Cube gives you complete control over the internal environment through a split-system heating and cooling climate control unit, air pump and distribution manifold, water pump, and airstone and supply line. It captures the best growing day of the season — perfect sun, perfect temperature, perfect CO2 levels — and recreates it 365 days of the year even through hot summer days and cold winter nights.

Variety of plants growing in a hydroponics vertical farming system inside an Agrow Cube insulated box.
The hydroponics system inside the Agrow Cube
Perfect water

Agrow Cube uses the nutrient film technique (NFT) hydroponics water system in which a continuous flow of nutrient-rich water runs over the plant roots, but the roots are not fully submerged. It uses a custom pipe and pump system to produce the continuous flow: the water cycles through the pipes, over the plant roots, and back into the water tank where you easily add nutrients and control the oxygen levels in the water. This system eliminates water and nutrient loss due to wastewater runoff, and gives you control of the nutrients, oxygen levels and pH of the water. The system is designed for easy maintenance.

Perfect light

Agrow Cube uses LEDs in its hydroponics system. LEDs provide the most control over the light spectrum and use less energy than halide or fluorescent lights. For lettuces, herbs, and leafy greens, Agrow Cube uses full spectrum LEDs. The lighting system enables you to set light and dark cycles to create the perfect growth environment for your plants.

Agrow Cube: A Self-Contained Agricultural System

Agrow Cube combines the benefits of hydroponics and vertical farming with a weather-proof insulated box to create the perfect growing environment 365 days of the year. With Agrow Cube, you can provide fresh, locally grown produce to schools, restaurants, and farmers’ markets all year long.

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