No Dirt? No Problem! Better, Faster Growing with Hydroponics

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a farming method that doesn’t use soil. Instead, plants grow in a mix of water and nutrients. If you’ve ever regrown lettuce by putting the base plant and roots in a cup of water, you’ve seen hydroponics in action. Hydroponics systems bring gardening indoors. Systems vary, but include a grow space, a water system with nutrients added, and a light system to replicate sunlight.

Plants in various stages of growth in a hydroponics system.
Hydroponics system in action in the Agrow Cube

There are major benefits to using a hydroponics system:

Faster growing!

Plants in a hydroponics system grow significantly faster than plants grown in soil. This is in large part due to the efficiency of the hydroponics system. In a closed-loop hydroponics system, there is no wastewater runoff, and therefore no loss of nutrients. Steady access to water, nutrients, and oxygen supercharges plant growth. When plants are grown in soil, there is always some loss of water and nutrients, which slows plant growth.

Bigger plants!

The same control that enables faster growing plants also increases plant size. Because you control the water levels and nutrients, you can ensure that all your plants have the right nutrients to grow to larger sizes. In some instances, lettuces have grown 150% bigger than the same type of lettuce traditionally grown in soil.

Cabbage leaves grown hydroponically.
Our cabbage grown with hydroponics has grown a lot!
No weeding, fewer pests!

Hydroponics is lower maintenance than traditional farming and gardening. Because there is no soil, there is no space for weeds to grow, and no weeding is necessary to maintain your grow space. Your plants are better protected from pests when grown in an indoor hydroponics system. This reduces the time you will spend dealing with bugs, and enables you to avoid toxic chemical pesticides.

Year round growing!

In the right environment (such as an insulated Agrow Cube), you are no longer limited to certain growing seasons and can grow a wide variety of plants year round with a hydroponics system. This is possible because you control water, nutrients, light, and temperature.

Control over the growing process!

Having a hydroponics system at home is like playing scientist. You have control over the water in the irrigation system, the amount and type of nutrients, the intensity and length of the light, and, in the right environment, the temperature. You control how fast or slow you want your plants to grow, and you have ample opportunity to make changes that affect plant growth in real time.

Up next, how Agrow Cube combines a weather-resistant insulated box with hydroponics to create an easy-to-use growing space. To learn more about hydroponics, visit our website and follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.