9 facts about Agrow Cube!

Learn more about Agrow Cube, the new self-contained agriculture system, with nine interesting facts!

1. 2000 cubic feet!

A standard 10’ x 20’ Agrow Cube is a closed system with 2000 cubic feet of space inside. It is small enough to fit in most places, such as crowded urban areas, in the back alley of a restaurant, or on school premises, but provides you with plenty of room to grow.

Agrow Cube is small enough to fit most places.
2. 1000 plants!

You can grow up to 1000 plants at a time in the Agrow Cube despite the small size! Agrow Cube uses vertical farming to grow more plants in a small space.

A variety of seedlings is ready to be transplanted into the grow tubes.
3. 68 degrees F all year round!

Agrow Cube is an insulated box, which means the temperature stays the same all year round, and is not affected by summer or winter. The best temperature to grow plants such as lettuce and herbs is 68 degrees, and with Agrow Cube, you can maintain that perfect growing temperature all year long.

4. No soil!

Plants don’t need soil to grow! They only need water, oxygen, and sunlight. Agrow Cube provides all those elements in a hydroponics farming system.

Plants in clay pebbles to provide support for their growth and permit water circulation.
5. Environmental friendly!

Because there is no soil, and it is a closed system, pests aren’t an issue unless you bring them inside. There’s no need for pesticides even if you do! Simply use environmentally friendly organic means of removal. Agrow Cube can also be powered by a solar power system. However you power your Agrow Cube, you’ll have an environmentally friendly space to grow plants all year long.

The red basil is ready to be harvested after growing hydroponically!
6. Less water!

Agrow Cube is a closed loop water system, and water recirculates through the tubes and the water tank. There is no water run-off, and therefore no water wasted! Though hydroponics is a water-based farming system, it uses less water than traditional soil farming. The Agrow Cube uses around 110 gallons of water a month!

7. No nitrogen run-off!

Because there is no water runoff with Agrow Cube, there is no wastewater to contaminate the water table with pesticides or fertilizers. Traditional soil farming can release nitrogen and phosphorous and contribute to nutrient pollution in local water sources. Not with Agrow Cube!

The water recirculates through the tubes, there is no water lost to runoff.
8. Faster growth

Agrow Cube gives you control over light, water, nutrients, and temperature, enabling you to supercharge plant growth. Plants grow faster in a hydroponics system like the one in Agrow Cube.

9. Low electricity use!

Because Agrow Cube uses an energy efficient heating and cooling system and LED lights for plant growth, it uses minimum electricity each month.

Agrow Cube is a new efficient agriculture product to provide a steady supply of food all year long! To learn more about Agrow Cube, visit our website www.agrowcube.com or call us today at (800) 356-8351.

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